5 Products, 5 Weeks

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What’s #5Weeks?

I'm going to start a 5-week challenge *next this week, on the *7th 13th of July 2022.
*Update: Life happened, dropped everything, and went back to my hometown. Things are somehow sorted out for now. Pray for the best.🙏🏼
It’s going to be 5 Stories, 5 Products in 5 weeks.
Basically every single week for 5 weeks. I'll be,
  1. Writing and posting a story.
  1. Launching the product as preorder as accompaniment to the story.
  1. Building the product.
  1. Using Twitter #BuildInPublic as a way to market or promote.
I’m basing the strategy on Idea → Launch (Sales) → Build.

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Q: What do you mean by “Story”? A: In other words, it can be a "Problem" or "Idea", common startup terminology. But I prefer to call it "Story" because I want to tell my story, in my own style. Also, encourage me to practise to sound less robotic. English is, after all, not my first language.
Q: What are the products? Will it be a SaaS or a template? A: It's going to be a micro product. I'm not sure yet, but I can confirm Notion template(s) are among them.
Q: Are they any good? What will I benefit from your stories and products? A (Stories): To each their own. You can check out my blog posts on this website. My stories are mostly my personal experiences. Someone who quit his job to pursue his startup idea and failed. Then, I joined a local startup, just to get fired later. A recovering introvert who spent 90% of his career as a system engineer. Only to become an entrepreneur in 2020, that's two years. A (Products): I used to code as a side gig, and then as a full-time freelancer. Under my own agency, I've moved from code to no-code, because it makes more sense. I have my way around tools to solve whatever problems we have. And also, I'm now working in a productivity agency. My speciality is to solve daily work problems using no-code tools (and automation).
Q: Are they free? A: My main purpose for this challenge is to start selling (my first digital product(s)). So, it's not free. It'll be $5 each. But if you pay $15 $13 (or more) for any of the products, you'll get all 5 products for free. Plus, big discounts for my next ones.
Q: So, when will the first Story and Product be launched?
A: The story will be posted on Mondays Tuesdays. And the product will be launched (to sale) on Wednesdays. I’ll share all the updates in the newsletter on Fridays, and this blog.

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