Issue #3

Issue #3

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Heyy Wizards,

Welcome to the Airtable Wiz’s Weekly Newsletter.
Thanks for staying, and still supporting my effort in writing this newsletter.
Would appreciate it if you can recommend Airtable Wiz to anybody you know who wants to learn about Airtable, and Airtable-Stack.🥰
If you missed the last issue, you can read them here.

First, some updates…

As you might have noticed, it took almost a month for me to send this issue (#3).
What happened was I unexpectedly received a lot of requests to help with other people’s Airtable workflow even if it’s out of my scope. And, my biggest mistake was, I said YES to ALL of them.
This was something new to me, so I wanted to get to know and learn more about other people’s usage of Airtable. So I can have a good list of use-cases, right? Not really.
What I encountered were more common end-user issues than actually building something that can be a solution for any business tasks.
That’s why I don’t use most of Airtable features, other than the base itself and its automations.
I will talk about it in a post or a tweet.😉

🛠 Use Case #3: Tweet Quotes with Stencil

The Idea

I’ve used the same method to share my early birds’ submissions on Twitter. And to promote the idea that I wanted to validate that time. Example below.
So, I want to try a different idea this time. A fun one.

The Tools

I’ve written how to set up your Stencil in the previous build, Create banner with Stencil & Airtable.
Airtable set up
Airtable base for Tweet Quotes
Airtable base for Tweet Quotes

The Workflow

🐦 Weekly Review for better #MentalHealth

I was listening to The Weekly Build podcast where Marie of Llamalife talks about her Notion’s Weekly Review.
I started to do mine sometime in Q1 last year, and would really recommend it to everybody. It’s super useful for your mental health.
Check out my tweet here on how I set up my weekly review on Notion.

➡️ What’s Next?

Learn how to use Airtable and Stripe to sell your first digital product. There’ll be two versions of this. So I will probably split them into two issues.
Cheers, Leif🌾 Founder of Airtable Wiz & No Code Asia