Issue #4

Issue #4

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Heyy Wizards,

Welcome to the Airtable Wiz’s Weekly Newsletter.
Thanks for staying, and still supporting my effort in writing this newsletter.
Would appreciate it if you can recommend Airtable Wiz to anybody you know who wants to learn about Airtable, and Airtable-Stack.🥰
If you missed the last issue, you can read them here.

Ever since I (soft)launched Airtable Wiz (AW), I had a bit of a roller-coaster ride.
I didn’t really explain what’s AW is all about because I wanted to wait and see everyone’s reaction. Well, I get what I want, and a burnout.🥵 Two quick Airtable gigs later, I’m done!
Now I’m working on a better concept for AW and refining my consultation services, and will launch it to the public somewhere in Q2.
I’m also revising the newsletter content, making it easier for me to manage.

Use Case #4 — Membership Manager (Airtable+Stripe)

There will be two setups for this use case. I’m going to start with the Minimalist Setup. A setup that you can build and launch immediately.

The Pain

You want a quick solution to let people pay to join your community, whether it’s BTS fan club, a cult, a mastermind group, and more. Not too complex, or expensive with no platform fees — straight to your Stripe account.

The Workflow

Get rid of the flowery stuff, and get straight to the application form and payment gateway.
Flowchart yo!
Flowchart yo!

The Tools’ Setup

  • Airtable Automations (To send email)

Let’s dig in!


I’m reintroducing this section because I want to share the tools or materials that help me with my journey.


Mastery by George Leonard is about how you can shift your mindset to achieve long-term success. “Mastery is not a state to achieve, but a journey to live by.” — Blinkist

Cool: is an issue tracking tool but can be used like any other project management tool. It’s like Trello but more flexible like Notion. I get a lot of things done, thanks to this.
Shout out to Cathy for recommending these two discoveries!💜
Cheers, Leif🌾 Founder of Airtable Wiz & No Code Asia