Issue #7

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Jul 4, 2023
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Heyy Wizards,

Welcome to another issue of Airtable Wiz.
I’ve been away from the public for quite a while, working on stuff in the background.
The draft for this email has been changed several times as I went through different phases of life.
But yeah, we’re back with a new issue, a short one.
Let’s GO!🚀

In this issue:

  • 📢 New Frequency Update & Personal Update
  • 🚀 Welcome Email + Season 1 Update
  • 🐦 Relaunched Airtable Wiz on Twitter

📢 New Frequency Update & Personal Update

Due to my latest commitment, I will have to change the frequency of this “digest” from bi-weekly to monthly. At least I can focus on writing + building new use-cases. Watch out for Season 2.
Like in my previous email, I'm still working for a friend with seed funding and some reorganization on his startup. But my contract is nearing to a close. Come early August, I’ll be back working on my next product(s) and writing for Airtable Wiz.

🚀 Welcome Email + Season 1 Update

I have created a new welcome email that incorporates the use-cases from “Season 1” specifically tailored for our new members.
With this in place, I can sit back and relax. I don’t have to keep on referring to previous emails for new members, and I’m very sure, not many will. As readers, our attention span is quite limited.
That’s why I made it a seasonal thing. I want everyone to have the chance to read them all. No more missing old issues.
You can check out the new email sequence by filling out the form on the main website to resubscribe.

🐦 Relaunched Airtable Wiz on Twitter

Read the tweets here.

That’s it! Issue #7 is now OUT!

Until the next one,
Cheers, Leif🌾 Founder of Airtable Wiz & No Code Asia

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