Use Case #4: Membership Manager
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Hello there!👋🏼

Welcome to Airtable Wiz use-case series, where we're showcasing real life products using Airtable-Stack. This is not a guide or tutorial, but an overview of a product created using the Airtable-stack. If you like what you see, read until the end to learn more.
There will be two setups for this use case. I’m going to start with the Minimalist Setup. A setup that you can build and launch immediately.

The Pain

You want a quick solution to let people pay to join your community, whether it’s BTS fan club, a cult, a mastermind group, and more. Not too complex, or expensive with no platform fees — straight to your Stripe account.

The Workflow

Get rid of the flowery stuff, and get straight to the application form and payment gateway.
Flowchart yo!
Flowchart yo!

The Tools’ Setup

  • Airtable Automations (To send email)

Set up Airtable

Disclaimer: In the case of strict vetting process, you might want to add more questions like; “Why do you want to join ___?” or “Write an essay of your ___ journey?”, etc.

Here’s my minimalist Airtable setup. I can always go back to add more once they joined.
My minimalist base
My minimalist base

Set up Airtable Form

The LIVE form
The LIVE form
When somebody submits an application, you will receive an email like this.
Incoming email (submission)
Incoming email (submission)

Set up payment gateway — Stripe

Go to and register (if you haven’t).
From “Home”, click “Start →” under “Share a payment link” as shown below.
Stripe’s “Home” dashboard
Stripe’s “Home” dashboard
Once you’ve set up your product and price (refer to Stripe’s documentation),
→ Click on “Create Link” at the top right of the page.
Create payment link
Create payment link
On the next page, click “Copy” to copy your payment link.
Ze payment link!
Ze payment link!
Congrats! You can now ask anybody to pay you protection money! Hooray!🎉

Set up Airtable Automations

Now that is done, time to send that link to your awaiting members.
The process is too long to be written here. So, here’s a quick video on how I created the automations.
Set up the Automations
The email should be like this.
Email copy
Email copy

Other purposes

Similarly, you can automate the emails to:
  • Share the Discord or Slack private link to new members.
  • Inform the rejected applicants.
  • Send reminders to pay subscriptions.
You can also repurpose this template for other programs like:
  • Scholarship programs
  • Charity/donation drives
  • Event management
  • Rental/property trackers
  • And more…
You can use other payment platforms like Paypal, not just Stripe.
I’m not too sure about others, but as long as they have payment links, then it should be fine.👍🏼

The Challenges

Since the focus is to pay as minimally as possible, there will be limitations.
The “Send email” option can only be limited to verified emails (Free plan).
Send email is unusable for free plan
Send email is unusable for free plan
But you can use Gmail integration like what I did in this use case.
Best option to use Gmail integration for free plan
Best option to use Gmail integration for free plan


Not many folks know about Airtable ability to perform these easiest tasks. What I’m showing here is just the basics.
Also, by using Airtable, you will own the data that you collected from the form(s), and it’s free to use (like forever!).
Learning these quick solutions with Airtable can save you time and money.

Want to learn more?

I’ll be adding the second version for this: the Builder’s Setup in the near future.
You can sign up now to the newsletter to receive the latest updates and information on a new course that I will be starting later this year. Also, you can get on a 1:1 call with me if you have a similar problem to Lilian and others. Cheers! Leif🌾