Introducing the Airtable Stack
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Streamline Your Business Operations with the Airtable Stack

The Airtable Stack is a collection of user-friendly tech tools that use Airtable as the primary database and storage solution. Created during consulting projects involving no-code tools, this stack provides a simplified approach, eliminating the overwhelm that often accompanies technology choices.
Similar to well-known stacks like MEAN or MERN (popular amongst developers), the Airtable Stack breaks down the development process into distinct components. While the MERN stack includes MongoDB for the database, Express.js for middleware, React for front-end, and Node.js for back-end, the Airtable Stack streamlines this complexity with no-code tools.

How Can the Airtable Stack Benefit Business Owners and Entrepreneurs?

For non-technical individuals, the Airtable Stack bridges the technical knowledge gap, allowing users to harness the power of technology without feeling overwhelmed.

Discover the Flexibility of the Airtable Stack

The Airtable Stack revolves around four key elements: front-end, middleware, database, and back-end. By utilizing the following tools, users can create a customized stack that suits their specific needs:
  • Airtable: As the stack name implies, this versatile tool acts as the foundation for managing and organizing your data effectively.
  • Pory, Dorik, TallyForm: These user-friendly tools let you create seamless front-end interfaces that interact directly with your Airtable database, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Stencil, Airtable Automations, Zapier, GPT API: For middleware and back-end functionality, users can leverage a combination of these tools based on their project requirements. Stencil provides powerful image generation, Airtable Automations simplifies tedious basic tasks, and integration platforms like Zapier and the GPT API enhance functionality and connectivity.
It's important to note that the specific tools used within the Airtable Stack can vary based on your unique project needs. This stack offers adaptability, allowing users to tailor their technology choices to suit their individual circumstances.
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